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Summer Work Travel Program
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Participant Success Stories

CSB Success Story 2

One friend of mine came back from the United States and he advised me to participate in the SWT Program. It was the best solution for me, because I did not have enough money to spend my summer in the USA as a tourist.

My first stop was New York City. The biggest city I have ever seen in my life. It is a perfect place to take photos. Then I took a bus to Panama City, Florida. In my journey, I have crossed hundreds of cities and several states. It was so interesting to meet so many different people from so many corners of the United States.

I have then spent 3 months in Florida's Panama City Beach. It was the greatest place to be during a summer break! I have worked in a restaurant and I had plenty of free time to spend on the beach with my new friends. For me, it was also interesting to discover the American educational system so I have visited Florida State University and Gulf Coast College several times. I have tried to find ways so we can improve the educational system in Ukraine. Last but not least, I have tried traditional food from all over the world. I guess that is possible only in America!

I will never forget this summer break. I have wonderful memories about the United States and I had a great experience. Also, my English is much better. I would like to thank everyone who organizes this wonderful program. I would like to thank my sponsor organization for all their support.

Bogdan D., Ukraine

CSB Success Story 1

I have never experienced such an exciting place as the United States. I had a wonderful time, the work was great, the people were great and everything around there was so amazing. During my stay, I had the opportunity to see so many places around which is really awesome! I have learned a lot of things and now I see the world from a broader view.

The United States exchange experience has given me a lot of memories which I will never forget. I sincerely hope to be there again.

Anup B., India

CSB Success Story 3

I write this note to be thankful to the CSB team for your enthusiasm and carrying.

I had a wonderful trip in the U.S. in terms of both working and travelling. I had received a high appreciation from my employer and travelled as a backpacker through 13 states of the U.S. (East Coast and West Coast) after I have finished my working time. It was so fantastic and enjoyable.

Once again, thank you so much.

Anh P., Vietnam

CSB Success Story 1

Thanks a lot for possibility to participate in the Summer Work Travel Program! It was the greatest summer I have ever had! I am so thankful for your help provided during my journey! I have worked, travelled, shared culture, made friends, and explored new emotions! This summer is going to stay in my heart and I hope I will get opportunity to feel déjà vu someday!

Anzhela M., Ukraine

CSB Success Story 3

Thank you, dear CSB! It was an amazing summer! I have visited Virginia (where I worked), Florida (Miami), Chicago for 24 hours, California (for a week, San Francisco, Sacramento) and NYC!

It was a small life itself.. :) God bless you!

Alexandra L., Ukraine