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Summer Work Travel Program
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List of Available Host Sites

By choosing the CSB-placement (Full-placement) option of the program, participants have a job placement through CSB, the program sponsor. CSB has made arrangements with several companies throughout the United States to allow us to fill in their seasonal or temporary positions with J-1 Summer Work Travel Program participants. The program placement provides opportunities for regular communication and interaction with United States citizens, as well allows the opportunity to experience the United States culture during the work potion of the program. The positions are much like the ones a university student in the United States would have during the academic break.

To ensure a smooth access to the list of available host sites, CSB has designed an online listing available solely for the current partner organizations. Below please find the list, categorized by program seasons. Each flyer will include the name of the company, its location, position(s) available, skills required, employment benefits, dates of employment, housing, transportation and other information essential to determine the conditions of employment. To confirm acceptance, an interview must be passed and a job offer will need to be signed by all parties .


Note:The job placements are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The employer also reserves the right to determine the final position and location based on arrival date, availability, English level and/or skills required.

CSB offers (three) placement options at the time a potential participant is applying for the program.

  • CSB-placement/Full-placement. Participants have a job placement before arrival, through the sponsor, as described in the previous section.
  • Self-placement. Participants have flexibility in locating and securing a job placement before arrival, independently/on their own. Participants under this option will be required to provide CSB with a copy of their signed job form which must pass the job vetting process. This option is popular among returning participants.
  • Walk-in. This option is available only to program participants who are nationals of the Visa Waiver Program countries. Participants are able to enter the United States without a pre-arranged job, and have (one) week after arrival to find suitable employment and submit a signed job offer to CSB for authorization.