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Summer Work Travel Program
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EMPLOYER COOPERATION according to the U.S. Department of State and CSB (the sponsor) regulations governing the program:
1. The Summer Work Travel Program is a cultural exchange program. The purpose of the program is to provide foreign college and university students the opportunity to interact with U.S. citizens, experience U.S. culture while sharing their own culture with Americans they meet, travel in the U.S. and work in seasonal jobs to help defray a portion of their expenses.
2. Our company wishes to participate in the Summer Work Travel Program as a third party and agrees to provide all information required by the sponsor to vet this job offer and cooperate with the sponsor, as needed. This includes, but may not be limited to, a copy of the business license and a copy of the workers compensation insurance. This is certified by the signature of the person completing the form.
3. Our company acknowledges that the below accepted program participant is sponsored by CSB and he/she is considered by the United States Government to be the continuing responsibility of CSB.
4. Our company will provide a suitable work situation for each participant, with wage and work conditions consistent with that required of the American counterparts, and in compliance with applicable federal and state law concerning employment. At minimum, participants must be compensated at the prevailing local wage, which must meet the higher of the applicable State or Federal Minimum Wage.
5. Our company will disclose in writing to the sponsor any fee, expense or cost that is assessed to and paid by any participant.
6. It is legal for participants to begin work after they applied for the Social Security Number, based on their Form DS-2019, I-94 card and receipt from SSA. For more information, please see: http://www.ssa.gov/employer/hiring.htm  and 26 CFR 3.6011(B)-2 of the I.R.S. code. Per IRS Employer Tax Guide and Publication 515, the participant, holder of a J1 Visa, is considered non-resident alien, not subject to Social Security (FICA), Medicare and Federal Unemployment (FUTA) withholding taxes.
7. Our company AGREES TO:
a) Make good faith efforts to provide participants the number of hours of paid employment per week as identified on their job offers and agreed to when CSB vetted the jobs;
b) Pay eligible participants for overtime worked in accordance with applicable State or Federal law;
c) Notify CSB promptly when participants arrive at the work sites to begin their programs and encourage the participant to inform CSB of his/her residential address in the United States within 10 days of arriving; when there are any changes or deviations in the job placements during the participants’ programs; when participants are not meeting the requirements of their job placements; or when participants leave their positions ahead of their planned departures;
(d) Contact CSB immediately in the event of any emergency involving participants or any situations that impact their health, safety, or welfare; and
(e) In those instances when housing or transportation is provided, agree to provide suitable and acceptable accommodations and/or reliable, affordable, and convenient transportation.
8. Our company CERTIFIES THAT the positions offered will not displace U.S. workers, that there have been no layoffs in the last 120 days and that there are no workers on lockout or on strike.
9. Our company agrees that it shall not, without the written consent of the sponsor, assign or subcontract any of its obligations hereunder.
10. Our company is responsible to provide the Form W-2 directly to the participant once the employment has been completed so the participant can file a tax return request with the I.R.S.

I, the undersigned, am authorized by our company to extend job offers to the program participants. I hereby certify that the below mentioned participant has been offered employment in our company and all the details included in this job offer agreement are true to my knowledge. I also certify no employee of our company has received compensation from any party in return for offering this job offer.

General program information
United States Department of State – J-1 Visa Exchange Visitor Program

Social Security Number
Social Security Administration (SSA) – Evidence of Employment authorization for the J-1 (Exchange Visitor)

Tax withholding
Internal Revenue Service (IRS) – Withholding of Tax on Nonresident Aliens and Foreign Entities (Publication 515)