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Summer Work Travel Program
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  • ✓ Excitement to make new friendships

  • ✓ The job must be seasonal or temporary in nature and provide opportunities for regular communication and interaction with United States citizens and allow participants to experience the United States culture. The type of work is basic skills, general or entry level.
    Note: The list of prohibited job placements is here.

  • ✓ The seasonal need should be a minimum of 2 (two) months
    Note: Due to the year around program availability (spring, summer, winter), a seasonal need higher than 3 (three) months can be matched by accepting participants from various countries.

  • ✓ A suitable work situation must be provided for each participant, with hours and work conditions consistent with that required of the American counterparts, and in compliance with federal and state laws concerning hours and training conditions. At minimum, participants must be compensated at the prevailing local wage, which must meet the higher of the applicable State or Federal Minimum Wage. Overtime worked must be paid in accordance with applicable state and federal laws.

  • ✓ The working hours must be provided as identified on the job offer. All terms of the job offer must be met.
    Note: CSB recommends a minimum of 30-32 hours per week, up to a maximum of 40.

  • ✓ Availability you assist with reliable and affordable accommodation and transportation, if possible

  • ✓ Cooperate with CSB for the entire duration of the program