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Summer Work Travel Program
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How Does it Work?

Job List

Upon the return of the CSB employer questionnaire and agreement, we list your job information, prerequisites and other conditions of employment on a listing available to our entire international network.


CSB and our international partners recruit the candidates that match your criteria and that are choosing to apply for your job. A complete CV will be provided by each participant.


CSB and our international partners screen the appropriate by scheduling an interview via PC-to-PC call and webcam. Upon request, employers are also invited to attend the interview and they can reserve the right to make the final decision based on both the CV and the interview result. Alternative, CSB is able to finalize the hires on the employer's behalf.

Job Offer

Upon acceptance, each participant will be provided with a job offer that must be signed, agreeing therefore with the terms of employment.

Visa Interview

CSB will do the rest including the J-1 Visa processing. Ultimately, the visa interview will be scheduled at the U.S. Consulate in the participant's home country.


If the participant has the visa granted, the U.S. Consulate will issue a J-1 visa and that will be stamped in the participant's passport.


The pre-departure orientation is conducted by our international partners. The orientation helps the program participants fully understand the program procedures, policies and the American culture.

Flight information

CSB receives the arrival and departure information and will send weekly updated reports.

Arrival in the U.S.

Participants arrive in the U.S., Check-in with CSB, apply for the Social Security Number at the nearest Social Security Administration, and then they will be ready to start work.

CSB Support

For the duration of the program, CSB will provide an ongoing support, monitor participants and document their progress. CSB also maintains a 24/7 toll-free emergency line: 1-877-669-0717.


Unfortunately, if the participant has received the visa denial, the process ends here. However, the participant may re-apply for the visa.